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First Visit

Your first visit to a dermatologist is important, and it will be much easier for both you and our office if you are well-prepared. Make a concrete list of issues or concerns that you want addressed. Also take some time to make as detailed a history as possible of your existing skin conditions:

  • When did you first notice the condition?
  • Has it gotten larger or more prominent since?
  • Have you noticed any changes in color, size, shape, frequency, etc. of the condition?

You should also bring along a list of any medications and skincare products that you are currently using. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first visit to give yourself time to fill out any needed paperwork. Depending on your skin conditions and concerns, your first visit will last as long as it takes to address your needs. This appointment is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn about possible treatment options and get reasonable expectations for how much your condition can be treated – you may be surprised at the amount of skin conditions you don’t have to live with, thanks to the advances in dermatology! We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have.